Gambar Pertama Gambar Kedua Gambar Ketiga Gambar Keempat Gambar Kelima Gambar Keenam

From the time of our ancestors to the current generation, man thrived to prosper in this world. Some honed their physical skills to achieve godlike physique, while others made their mark with the mastery of artforms. The amalgamation of batik craftsmanship and ancestral heritage has given birth to Sang Semar.

A new definition of luxury by Batik Semar, which by its years of experience has enliven the hearts of many. What started as a blessing for one family, grew to be the trait of the region, now has become the pride of our nation. Sang Semar are made out of the utmost distinguished collection of Batik Semar. Reaching an even greater level of recognition to immortalize the art of Batik throughout history.